podcast-pageThe Future Proof podcast series is an initiative by NSW State Archives and Records to support NSW public offices in understanding issues related to digital recordkeeping. This series will be created continuously and it is hoped that it will aid those who cannot be present at live presentations, forums or briefings that are offered by NSW State Archives and Records.


No.Podcast TitlePresenterDate
86Government Recordkeeping Updates »Catherine Robinson04-12-2018
85Benchmarking research findings »Andrew Pickles and Rosa Capel04-12-2018
84Collections, Access and Engagement at NSW State Archives and Records »Martyn Killion04-12-2018
83Can data governance be a fun thing to do? »Steven Zhong04-12-2018
82NSW Police Force's Digital information initiative »Jeff Greenwood01-08-2018
81GIPA Agency Dashboard and Open Data e-learning module »Sonia Minutillo01-08-2018
80The Records and Information Management Attestation Process »Lachlan Calvey01-08-2018
79A new code of best practice »Catherine Robinson28-03-2018
78What is CORMP? »Peter Donnelly and Michael King28-03-2018
77Do you even document, bro? Information management practices in technology start-ups »Lewis Dryburgh28-03-2018
76Unpacking Transport's Information Toolkit »Nicola Forbes28-03-2018
75Practical aspects of records recovery and conservation »Dominique Moussou11-12-2017
74Damage - the Journey from Destruction to Recovery »Christine Boardman11-12-2017
73Personal recordkeeping in the digital age»Richard Lehane08-09-2017
72Interview with Elizabeth Tydd on Right to Know Week »Elizabeth Tydd20-09-2017
71Establishing end-to-end digital processes: protecting the rights of people through accurate electronic recordkeeping »Shane Hamilton22-08-2017
70Digital records evolution – solutions for Digital Government »Geoff Hinchcliffe22-08-2017
69Are we ready for these social media trends? »Irene Chymyn29-03-2017
68Developing information e-learning modules: The ‘Challenges’ »Janet Villata29-03-2017
67Mission Possible: OneTRIM for OneFACS »Dr Ann Turner, Chris Leeming, Jason Covell, Michael King29-03-2017
66Electronic approvals – a case study in inter-agency collaboration »Denise North29-03-2017
65An overview of State Archives and Records Authority's EmDARA projectAnna Gray29-11-2016
64State Archives and Records NSW Strategic Plan updateBen Alexander29-11-2016
63States of dataRolf Green29-11-2016
62The Digital State Archive »Dr Richard Lehane27-07-2016
61OneTRim at FACS »Dr Ann Turner27-07-2016
60Standards and the State Records Act »Catherine Robinson19-07-2016
59NSW Government Information Management Framework approach to standards for data and information management »Annalisa Yeo19-07-2016
58What standards, relevant to me, are there? »Barbara Reed19-07-2016
57History of Standards »David Roberts19-07-2016
56Welcome and session preview »Geoff Hinchcliffe19-07-2016
55Record Keeping and Privacy Governance »Dr Elizabeth Coombs22-03-2016
54The role of Information Management in achieving Open Government »Elizabeth Tydd22-03-2016
53Using data to drive innovation »Dr Ian Oppermann22-03-2016
52 Case study of digital recordkeeping for mobile work processes at Ausgrid »Joel Smith24-11-2015
51 Presentation on vision and objectives of a program to consolidate systems and improve visibility of recordkeeping »Dr Ann Turner
Michael King, Doris Coleman, Chris Leeming and Jason Covell
50 Update on initiatives at State Records NSW »Geoff Hinchcliffe24-11-2015
49 Developments in the information and open data initiatives of the NSW Government ICT Strategy »Dr Kate Harrington11-08-2015
48 Joint presentation on an EDRM program of work at DPC »Mitya Antoncic, Nadine Louis and Dave Phillips 11-08-2015
47 Welcome and session preview »Geoff Hinchcliffe11-08-2015
46 Update on Digital State Archive, OpenGov NSW, and Data NSW »Richard Lehane17-03-2015
45 Implementing the new Standard on Records Management »Catherine Robinson17-03-2015
44 Strategic developments at State Records NSW »Geoff Hinchcliffe17-03-2015
43Recent developments in the NSW Government IM Framework and ICT Strategy »Sonya Sherman17-03-2015
42 The new Standard on records management »Catherine Robinson26-11-2014
41 The Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce and the recent Digital + NSW Government ICT Strategy update »Sonya Sherman26-11-2014
40The operation of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 »Cathy McInnes26-11-2014
39Spatial data initiatives in NSW »Wayne Patterson30-07-2014
38 Digital State Archive becomes operational »Cassie Findlay30-07-2014
37 Cloud information management transformation at Fire and Rescue NSW »Richard Host30-07-2014
36Macquarie University - digital records transition »Dr Neil Fraser
and Lachlan Morgan
35Update on the Digital Archives »Cassie Findlay24-03-2014
34Report on State Records' 2013 Digital Recordkeeping Survey »Catherine Robinson22-11-2013
33OpenGov NSW website »Richard Lehane31-07-2013
32State Records Digital Archives Migration Methodology »Cassie Findlay31-07-2013
31The University of Western Sydney Open Archives Portal »Michael Smith31-07-2013
30What you need to do to implement effective social media recordkeeping in your organisation »Kate Cumming12-03-2013
29Introducing OpenGov NSW »Cassie Findlay12-03-2013
28NSW ICT Strategy and Information Management Framework »Dawn Routledge and Sonya Sherman12-03-2013
27Willoughby City Council - Digital Recordkeeping Strategy »Amanda Mumme and Simone Cable07-11-2012
26Department of Education and Communities - Electronic Document and Records Management »Abdalla Eissa, Michael Cordeiro, Grant Mortimer07-11-2012
25Introducing the revised Standard on the physical storage of State records »Catherine Robinson09-03-2012
24Efficiency and compliance: A journey in records at Blue Mountains City Council »Lydia Kolar09-03-2012
23Internal auditing of records management programs »Dr Stephen James09-03-2012
22Risk assessment for records and records systems - current projects in the international standards environment »Anne Picot 17-11-2011
21Risk and records at the University of Technology, Sydney »Deborah Naray17-11-2011
20Meeting the challenges of digital recordkeeping »Kate Cumming17-11-2011
19Government 2.0 - How it relates to Archives 2.0 »Adrian Cunningham11-08-2011
18The GIPA Act 12 months on »Deirdre O'Donnell 02-08-2011
17Digital archives plans at State Records »Cassie Findlay18-05-2011
16e-learning records management training at DSTA »Stephen Bedford24-03-2011
15Digital State archives »Cassie Findlay24-03-2011
14Digital recordkeeping survey 2010 »Catherine Robinson24-03-2011
13 Delivering recordkeeping projects in collaboration with ICT and business professionals »May Robertson08-11-2010
12Findings of the survey on ICT attitudes to recordkeeping »Janet Knight08-11-2010
11Monitoring records management »Catherine Robinson29-07-2010
10e-learning modules »Janet Knight29-07-2010
9Business process and information analysis »Tony Leviston29-07-2010
8Changes to your right to government information in NSW »Deirdre O'Donnell29-07-2010
7Digital records in Housing NSW »Michael McMullan02-03-2010
6Making metadata work for you »Cassie Findlay23-11-2009
5NSW Government Information Strategy, data.nsw and apps4nsw »Kate Harrington and Helen Palmer 23-11-2009
4Change management aspects of implementing EDRMS »Michael Smith30-03-2009
3Implementing EDRMS that supports improved business processes »Greg Navin30-03-2009
2Managing digital records »Janet Knight30-03-2009
1The digital recordkeeping standard and how to use it »Cassie Findlay
Image credit: Daniel Filho (CC BY 2.0)