Identifying benefits for a business case January 16, 2009

We all know that putting a case for information management projects can be challenging, especially when resources are scarce. However there are many tangible and intangible benefits that can be realised from the implementation of an Information Asset Management Software system such as an EDRMS. These benefits might fall under broad areas such as finding information, managing risk, enabling business efficiencies or meeting a variety of legal and compliance requirements. Benefits can be realised by organisations all levels of the Information Asset Management Maturity Model, from basic hardcopy records and information control to full EDRMS implementation with scanning, collaboration and knowledge management.

A business case for an IAMS project requires solid evidence-based descriptions of these benefits so there is a clear indication of how the IAMS will enable better service delivery and savings. The Government Chief Information Office is interested in gathering examples of benefits identified by agencies in their past or current business cases for information asset management projects – such as the purchase and roll out of a new EDRMS, implementing scanning or using collaborative workspaces. The results will be analysed and collated, and made available by GCIO.

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