Bridging from your CMS to your EDRMS September 5, 2008

Here at State Records we have heard from several agencies who have invested in the development of a ‘bridge’ from their Web Content Management System to their EDRMS, in order to capture website records. In some cases the CMS is an open source solution such as Plone or MySpace. We would love to hear from you if you have developed such a ‘bridge’ or if you are interested in doing so.

Anthony Poole September 29th, 2008

Thanks for putting this site together. I think it will be valuable. One comment, I think in the “bridging your cms” content you mean Mysource Matrix and not “MySpace”

Cassie Findlay September 29th, 2008

Thank you for your feedback Anthony, and thanks for pointing out the MySpace / MySource error. I did indeed mean MySource!

Ric Bolzan October 22nd, 2008

Planning is implementing the Objective EDRMS and is looking for a WCMS that will provide a bridge. This will be mainly for the Intranet as that will have the greatest need for sharing ‘master’ documents stored in the EDRMS.

I think some of the major WCMS providers are looking at adding this functionality to their products.

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