Premier’s memorandum on production costs of annual reports released September 5, 2013

Premier’s memorandum M2013-09 Production Costs of Annual Reports has been released outlining measures to reduce the costs of the production of annual reports. In addition to directions on how to keep production costs to a minimum, the memorandum includes directions to agencies on how annual reports are to be made available in digital format. 

To meet statutory obligations, annual reports are to be made available on agency websites. M2013-09 removes the requirement for agencies to provide printed copies of annual reports under library deposit obligations, superseding Part 2 of M2000-15 Access to published information – laws policy and guidelines. In place of printed copies, digital copies are to be provided to State Records NSW via upload to the OpenGov NSW website as well as the National Library of Australia, UWS Library, State Library of NSW and the Parliamentary Library.

In addition to library deposit obligations, agencies have a statutory obligation to provide annual reports to both the Treasurer and their Minister. The memorandum advises that copies of annual reports are to be supplied to the Treasurer in digital format and agencies are to consult with their Minister to determine whether to provide a printed or digital copy of the annual report.

Agencies should also refer to the existing DFS circular C2013-1 OpenGov NSW which outlines how the OpenGov NSW website provides a means of making information published by NSW Government agencies available to support goals outlined in both NSW 2021 and the NSW Government ICT Strategy. In addition to making digital copies of current annual reports available on OpenGov NSW, as directed in Premier’s memorandum M2013-09, agencies can use OpenGov NSW to make available previous annual reports and information released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

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