Invitation to comment on our digitisation guidance April 11, 2012

We receive many enquiries from NSW public offices about digitisation of records. People often search our website for information on this issue and our blog posts on digitisation are consistently popular.
As a result, we have put together some draft guidance on both business process digitisation programs and back-capture digitisation projects. The Exposure Draft of this guidance, Managing digitisation programs and projects, has been available on our website since February. It includes a number of case studies from NSW public offices.
Digitisation Lab

Digitisation lab -

The exposure period is coming to an end on 27 April so please send us your comments!

We are very eager to hear if:

  • you have read the digitisation guidance (either parts of it or the whole)
  • you found the guidance to be of use
  • you agree or disagree with any of our recommendations
  • you have further insights to offer which could improve the guidance.

We have included some general and specific questions to guide your comments if you wish to follow these.

Comments can be forwarded to

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