Future Proof update April 2009 – Records management and web 2.0 April 21, 2009

State Records is pleased to announce the release of their new guidelines – Records management and web 2.0.

The guidelines

These guidelines were developed to help NSW public offices understand the changing environment of the web and the emerging use of many new online tools, thus encouraging records managers to carry out their recordkeeping duties with regard to these new technologies.

The need

It is difficult to not be aware of the many new technologies available at our fingertips. Blogs, wikis, social networking, collaborative editing, RSS and more are increasingly being used by NSW Government to do business. As with any new form of creating information, it is important that appropriate recordkeeping strategies are developed. With the introduction of many web 2.0 technologies it is more important than ever that records managers devise ways to fulfil their recordkeeping duties and tease out the important records from the wealth of information these technologies are creating.
The guidelines on records management and web 2.0 were developed to encourage records managers to begin assessing the use of web 2.0 technologies in their organisations and devise strategies for the capture of records created using these technologies.


The rate of change for many web 2.0 technologies is much faster than other technologies used for creating information. State Records envisages that these new guidelines will be regularly updated to reflect these new changes and developments as well as new recordkeeping strategies.

Have your say

State Records encourages anyone who has had practice using web 2.0 technologies and managing records created by these technologies to share their experiences on the Future Proof blog. Your comments and advice are greatly appreciated and will help State Records remain up to date and relevant in their advice regarding records management and web 2.0.

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