Consultation on draft records management standard August 14, 2014

I’ve previously blogged about the review of standards at State Records NSW which is happening this year.

We have reviewed five of the records management standards currently in place for the NSW public sector and now propose to approve a new standard under the State Records Act 1998.  We are seeking your comments on the new standard.

Earlier in 2014 input was sought in the review of the following standards:

  • Standard on full and accurate records (issued 2004)
  • Standard on managing a records management program (issued 2004)
  • Standard on counter disaster strategies for records and recordkeeping systems (issued 2002)
  • Standard on the appraisal and disposal of State records (issued 2007)
  • Standard on digital recordkeeping (issued 2008).

The proposed standard resulting from this review consolidates and streamlines requirements for effective records and information management. The new Records management standard for the New South Wales public sector has been designed to support digital recordkeeping as NSW Government transitions to digital business processes. Underpinning all requirements in the proposed standard is the need to ensure that these requirements support digital records and information management through sound information practices. Importantly, the proposed standard has been framed and targeted to support good digital information practices in complex business and information environments.

State Records is very keen to receive feedback on the standard before it is finalised. The draft standard, and instructions for providing feedback, are available for download on State Records’ website at

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