Change management in an EDRM project November 3, 2009

Hello Everybody
The Roads and Traffic Authority are about to embark on an EDRM project to replace CARMS.  Part of this project involves the creation of a Change Management Strategy, being developed for us by KPMG, which includes a high level training and communication plan.

As we’ve been conducting our workshops there are a number of recurring themes that we know we are going to have to find ways of addressing.  Since we know a number of other agencies have successfully implemented EDRM systems we thought we might pick your collective brains for a few lessons learned.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time to provide us with any information relating to the questions below.  This information will be confidential and we will not refer to the individual or agency by name in any of our documentation.
  • How would you describe your change management approach, strategy and implementation plan, what were the major elements (i.e. communications, training etc) of the strategy/plan?
  • What % of your system purchase and project costs were change management (change management equals all leadership, sponsorship, communication, training, coaching, other support, restructuring, job redesign, new roles, allowances and change management resources such as change managers, trainers etc)
  • What would you do differently if you were designing and implementing your project again?
  • What did you think you did well?
  • Any other lessons learned?
Alternatively, we can have the KPMG staff call you to discuss these aspects of your project, if you would prefer to have a conversation about the implementation.  If you would prefer a conversation please call or email your details and we’ll arrange for them to call you.
Finally, in the spirit of sharing we are more than happy to provide a consolidated summary to State Records for inclusion on the Futureproof blog, of all of the information we receive.
Thank you for your assistance
Kylie Dunn
Manager, Information Management & Library Services
Business Services Group, Roads & Traffic Authority
27 Argyle St, Parramatta
T  02 8849 2243
M 0411 156 320
F  02 8849 2950
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