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Another issue of Future Proof News for CEOs
November 2009

Issue 2 of Future Proof News for NSW Public Sector Chief Executives was released in October. Thyis issue featured items on recordkeeping and web 2.0, computing ‘in the cloud’ and reforms to the FOI legislation.


Premier’s Memorandum No. 2009-11 – NSW Standard on digital recordkeeping
May 2009

The Department of Premier and Cabinet has released a Premier’s Memorandum regarding the Standard on digital recordkeeping. This Memorandum, released 19 May 2009,  demonstrates NSW Government’s commitment of  ‘fostering openness and accountability in New South Wales by improving access to information about the activities of NSW Government’.

The Premier’s Memorandum supports the requirements of the Standard on digital recordkeeping.

New Guidance – Records Management and Web 2.0
March 2009

State Records is pleased to announce the release of their new guidelines – Records management and web 2.0. This guideline aims to help records professionals understand the issues surrounding the use of web 2.0 technologies in their workplace and enable record professionals to carry out their recordkeeping duties in light of these tools.

These guidelines are written in non-technical language and State Records hopes they will be a source of discussion within the recordkeeping community. In the spirit of web 2.0 please feel free to post your comments or queries about the new guidelines on the Future Proof blog. The guidelines can be accesssed from the State Records website.

Managing digital records – release of new guideline
January 2009

We are pleased to announce that our new Managing digital records guidelines are now available.

Developed to assist information technology and recordkeeping professionals to manage the challenges of the digital age, the Managing digital records guidelines give you some concrete strategies for dealing with the most common digital dilemmas, such as overloaded networks, flooded email systems and difficult formats. The guidelines will also help your organisation to ensure that important digital records are managed and preserved over time, remaining authentic and accessible for as long as they are required.

The five strategies discussed in the guidelines are:

  1. make digital recordkeeping achievable for your organisation
  2. keep your digital records in recordkeeping systems
  3. implement and maintain metadata about your digital records
  4. effectively manage the migration of your digital records, and
  5. target specific record formats that are causing you problems – which includes a discussion of the unique issues concerning email, CAD drawings, digital images and web records.

The Managing digital records guidelines are designed to support the requirements of the Standard on digital recordkeeping. The guidelines can be accessed from the State Records website.

Media Release – State Records Future Proof Strategy Launch
September 2008

State Records launched their new strategy Future Proof last night 18th September 2008. The launch was held at the State Records Gallery at the Sydney Records Centre, The Rocks.

The Future Proof strategy was officially launched by Emmanuel Rodriguez, Government Chief Information Officer. Invitees included representatives from NSW Government agencies, Universities and local government Councils as well as from the National Archives of Australia, the Australasian Digital Records Initiative, Government Chief Information Office and The Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities.

Future Proof is a State Records initiative to provide digital recordkeeping guidance for the NSW Government and protect and preserve digital State archives.

Future Proof forms part of a program of work outlined in GCIO’s People First strategy and not only aims to provide guidance and advice for NSW public offices but create a knowledge base for NSW public office records, knowledge and information workers through the Future Proof blog.

Most Government business is conducted electronically, generating large volumes of digital records every day. This inexpensive initiative will connect all NSW Government records, knowledge and information workers through the sharing of ideas, experience and advice on digital recordkeeping issues, saving them time and resources, and ensuring the best possible information management outcomes for NSW.

For more information on the Future Proof strategy and blog please peruse the website /.

Standard on Digital Recordkeeping
August 2008

State Records is proud to release its new standard on digital recordkeeping. This standard sets out the minimum requirements for NSW public offices for digital recordkeeping functionality and the creation and management of recordkeeping metadata for digital records.

For more information go to:

New General Retention and Disposal Authority on Source Records
August 2008

The purpose of this general retention and disposal authority is to provide for the authorised disposal of State records which have been used as the input or source records for successful migration operations.

For more information go to:

New GSAS contract -Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS)
July 2008

Information Asset Management Systems are software applications that capture, manage and store physical and digital information. These applications enable real benefits to be achieved through the effective utilisation of information as a corporate asset.
A panel contract has been created involving a variety of vendors to help NSW Government organisations acquire the best available products at competitive rates. For more information see 2602- GSAS Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS) Software Applications