Information Asset Management Assessment Tool

Information Asset Management

All organisations create information assets. Information assets include documents, emails, web content, business data, images, video and other content in both physical and digital form. These assets like any other asset of an organisation need to be appropriately managed so their maximum value can be utilised.

Information Asset Management Systems

Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS) are software applications that capture, manage and store physical and digital information.

The term for these systems for some years has been Records and Information Management Systems (RIMS). However, agencies requiring more complex use from their information holdings have driven a shift in the way records and information management is viewed. This has been coupled with market development and product mergers with software providers moving from offering single product solutions, to life cycle / end to end product ranges which enable better management of a range of information assets.

In recognition of this, the term Records and Information Management Systems has been redefined in the Government Selected Application Systems (GSAS) panel contract as Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS) which encapsulates not only the end to end software products, but the processes that support their use.  It also recognises the importance of information as valuable corporate assets.

However, it is important to note that the purchase of an Information Asset Management System (IAMS) alone will not address agencies capabilities in terms of State Records Act compliance or business requirements.

Why manage information?

Effective information management results from having the practices in place to meet the business needs of your agency.

GCIO is leading a program to assist agencies implement better management of their information assets. This program provides support to agencies for the classification, storage, search, use and exchange of information through policies, guidelines and tools.

One of the most significant decisions an agency will make regarding the management of information assets will be the system or systems it deploys to meet both operational needs and legislative compliance.

To meet these needs agencies may be able to use existing records, document and content management systems. However, needs change and a system implemented some time ago may not be sufficient in the current environment.

The use of existing systems may be improved by integrating or interfacing them with other business systems, procuring add-on products for existing systems, or procuring replacement systems to undertake a number of tasks.

Information Asset Management Assessment tool

An information asset management assessment tool has been devised that will assist agencies understand their needs for managing information assets.

This tool will provide agencies with guidance regarding their requirements and capabilities to acquire and implement Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS).

The tool also matches different IAMS products to these requirements and capabilities.

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