Review of General disposal authority: imaged records October 31, 2014 No Comments

State Records is currently reviewing the General disposal authority for imaged records (GA36). This authority authorises the destruction of the originals of records that  have been imaged (provided that certain conditions have been met) including records required as State archives or required to be retained in agency. Currently the originals of records required as State archives or required to be retained in agency are only authorised for destruction after imaging if they were created on or after 1 January 2000.The main focus of the review was to examine if an earlier date would be appropriate.

We also sought feedback on issues with technical specifications, metadata requirements, the inclusion of microfilm, exclusions and conditions. We would like to thank all the people who responded to our requests for feedback.

We have now prepared an exposure draft of the revised authority that incorporates the comments received and are seeking feedback on the exposure draft. The main proposed changes are:

  • rolling the date range back to 1980 from 2000
  • widening the scope of the authority to include source or original records that have been imaged, copied or converted
  • adding original film negatives and recordings to the excluded records
  • adding to the types of records that are excluded as they have intrinsic value in their original format.

Please forward any feedback on the draft to Angela McGing, Project Officer, Government Recordkeeping, by Friday 21 November at

iPres 2014 October 14, 2014 No Comments

Last week the State Records NSW Digital Archives team was in Melbourne for the iPres 2014 Conference.  We presented a poster on Thursday outlining our Migration Methodology during the Posters and Demonstrations session.  Many conference attendees stopped by to talk about the State Records NSW approach to preserving a digital record of government activity, even after contemporary systems are decommissioned.  Some of our visitors requested a copy of the poster to look over in their own time and, for others who were unable to attend,  the full scale PDF is attached to this post along with a preview below.

Migration Methodology Poster v3

Migration Methodology Poster [PDF]

Successful engagement for records and information management projects September 25, 2014 No Comments

This week we had our regular EDRMS implementers group meeting. As usual, a great group of people turned up from a wide range of organisations.

Everyone is at various stages of implementing an EDRMS/ECM system, and many are responsible for a broader range of information management systems. A general theme in the group is a shift away from a monolithic and integration-heavy approaches and towards prioritised approaches.

Today, we were talking about how records and information managers can successfully engage their organisations’ staff with their initiatives. There was a lot of pragmatic discussion about influencing those with the biggest compliance burdens and the most critical or valuable functions. People emphasized the importance of direct engagement to establish exactly how the individuals work and how it best suits them to manage information. A number of useful approaches were presented and discussed by the group.

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Have your say – the NSW Digital Government Survey September 16, 2014 No Comments

The NSW Government has established the Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce. The Taskforce has been asked to “deliver a vision and roadmap for a digital government that is agile and
innovative, optimising the value of information assets and digital technologies to anticipate needs and deliver better public services.”

We’re excited by this initiative, which fits in nicely with the work State Records is doing on the digital strategy for records and information.

A survey of people’s views on digital government is being conduct as part of the Taskforce’s work. The survey is available here, and more information about the work of the Taskforce is at

IPAA Legal Eagle Social Media Seminar August 20, 2014 No Comments

Social Media 01Today I went to the Institute of Public Administration Australia’s “Legal Eagle” Social Media seminar with a colleague. The seminar was presented by Alec Christie, who is a Partner with law firm DLA Piper. Alec provided some wide ranging insights for managing risks to organisational reputation and privacy, and some of the important legal considerations in those situations.

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Consultation on draft records management standard August 14, 2014 No Comments

I’ve previously blogged about the review of standards at State Records NSW which is happening this year.

We have reviewed five of the records management standards currently in place for the NSW public sector and now propose to approve a new standard under the State Records Act 1998.  We are seeking your comments on the new standard.

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Farewell Kate July 28, 2014 1 Comment

Our wonderful colleague Dr Kate Cumming is moving on to new adventures. It’s quite a blow for State Records, and especially for the Government Recordkeeping team.

KateKate started at State Records in 1999, after a period working for the National Archives of Australia. As a member of the then Electronic Recordkeeping team, she worked on State Records’ recordkeeping metadata standard and associated guidance (assisted by her PhD in recordkeeping metadata!), as well as the delivery of training and seminars all over NSW. A fantastic communicator, Kate has the ability to break down the most complex of concepts, for any audience. In delivering training and workshops she always inspires her audience as well as informing them. Read the rest of this entry »

How we do digital archiving at State Records NSW No Comments

the tools from maine

Photo credit: the tools from maine by Denise Carbonell

Right now, State Records’ Digital Archives team is moving from project to normal operations mode. As part of this transition we are publishing our methodology and procedures, providing public access to digital archives from the pilot projects that are open to public access, and inviting NSW agencies to start contacting us to initiate migration projects. We’ll also be sharing as much information as we can about our approach to digital preservation and the tools and technologies that underpin that approach. This post describes some of the key technological choices that we’ve made.

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The challenge of applying information governance to Yammer and other social media frameworks July 24, 2014 No Comments

Yammer: "We bought this to illustrate the futility of one-way communication"

Today we had our regular meeting of the EDRMS Implementers Group and the topic for discussion was social media information management.

Managing social media information for all the lovely NSW government records and information managers assembled today is a challenge.

With social media information there is a lot of it, most of it is low level and transactional, some of it is rude and defamatory, a small proportion of it is high risk or significant and needs specific management, and in most organisations there are very few processes, governance arrangements or tools in place to enable all these challenges to be met.

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Why we love blogging – the story of Future Proof No Comments

Blog With Authenticity Without Getting Fired

A little while ago we were asked by another government agency interested in blogging to explain how the Future Proof blog fits in with State Records’ business objectives, and to outline some of the outcomes we think Future Proof achieves.

To us, this form of social media engagement has been really critical in helping State Records to achieve some of its business objectives.

We are sharing our feedback to help other government organisations who might be contemplating blogging or other forms of social media engagement.


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