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Planning for and dealing with administrative change in the digital environment – practical tips and strategies August 15, 2013 No Comments

Last week the members of the EDRMS Implementers Discussion Group met to talk about administrative change. Many of the members work in large government agencies subject to regular administrative change – functions coming and going, agencies being merged into single organisations and then separated again etc. These types of changes will have an impact on […]

Email messages have corporate value to organisations but are still tricky to manage – latest State Records survey results May 30, 2013 2 Comments

As mentioned in our last post, State Records is researching the ways in which NSW public offices manage their email. This research is part of a review of our advice in this area, some of which is more than ten years old. One of the aims of the review is to ensure that our advice […]

To analyse business processes, or not to analyse business processes – that is the question (or at least one of the questions to consider when implementing an EDRMS) May 22, 2013 1 Comment

Last week the members of the EDRMS Implementers Discussion Group met to talk about establishing business rules as part of an EDRMS implementation. Members shared the different approaches taken by their organisations to determine when records will be captured to the EDRMS (e.g. when initially drafted? when approved or finalised?), how they will be captured […]

Sharing ideas to solve one of life’s great mysteries: how to successfully implement an EDRMS April 4, 2013 1 Comment

This week the members of the EDRMS Implementers Discussion Group met for the first time to talk about their organisations’ experiences in implementing systems to support digital recordkeeping. This is a new group facilitated by State Records to promote the sharing and re-use of ideas, tools and approaches for implementing EDRMS (electronic document and records […]

Research data requires good recordkeeping: Lessons from the Sydney Diet Heart Study and #IDCC13 February 14, 2013 No Comments

Scientific data, research data, data retention, big data – just recently it seems like everyone is talking about data of one sort or another. Last week CBC News reported a fascinating tale of lost and inaccessible data: ‘The case of the missing data’. In it, a US scientist looking into heart disease tracked down some […]

SharePoint 2013: new functionality and what it might mean for recordkeeping February 5, 2013 3 Comments

Last year State Records published guidance on the recordkeeping capabilities of SharePoint 2010. This guidance describes recordkeeping features and functionality that can be enabled or configured in SharePoint, and identifies where additional configuration and/or add-on software are needed to meet particular recordkeeping requirements. We have started to receive enquiries about the recordkeeping capabilities of SharePoint […]