TRIM merging into new HP Records Manager 8.0 product August 8, 2013

Health Applications for Android TabletsHP announced yesterday that in September it will release its new HP Records Manager 8.0 product.

This product represents a merger of HP’s three existing records management products:

  • Autonomy Records Manager and
  • Meridio Records Manager.

State Records’ informal EDRMS survey and our many conversations with records managers across the public sector indicate that TRIM holds a very large proportion of the NSW Government EDRMS market share.

The press release from HP on 7 August 2013 states that:

Because HP Records Manager 8.0 represents the unification of several products within the HP records management product suite, great care was taken to ensure a simple and low-cost upgrade to the new product by customers of HP TRIM, Autonomy Records Manager (ARM) and Meridio. Since HP RM leverages much of the underlying architecture design from TRIM, migration for HP TRIM customers will require about the same effort as a typical upgrade.

The release also states that:

HP Records Manager 8.0 is optimized for an increasingly mobile workforce that needs access to dispersed data across the enterprise. A new, web-based user interface designed for the information worker supports simple, consistent access to enterprise data from PCs, tablets, and smart phones. HP Records Manager enhances all the information and document management features of TRIM, enabling management of content throughout its lifecycle in a single system.

The release says that the enhancements in this new product include:

  • A hybrid architecture that allows HP Records Manager to be deployed via the cloud as a service, or on-premise

  • Enhanced capture, search and management of information from multiple sources including Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint, Lotus Notes mail and line of business applications

  • New stronger manage-in-place capabilities that facilitate direct management of SharePoint 2013 records without having to copy or move data for retention management and defensible disposition

  • Integration with Write Once, Read Many devices to ensure content preservation and compliance with increasingly stringent financial services and other industry regulatory requirements

  • Improved scalability and security allowing organizations to manage literally billions of content assets.

The SJE blog notes that HP will continue to support its three separate  HP TRIM, Autonomy Records Manager and Meridio Records Manager products for the foreseeable future, but that the new Records Manager 8.0 product ‘seems more in line with contemporary practice and workflows’.

HP states that its new Records Manager product has been specifically designed to offer governance of SharePoint information as well as advanced email integration. It also states that the product can be extended through integration tools to offer document and records management for SAP ArchiveLink documents and SAP metadata.

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Ian Louden August 9th, 2013

Will Future Proof be giving the same page space to Objective when it launches it’s new product?

Kate Cumming August 12th, 2013

Hi Ian – if it impacts significantly on NSW public sector recordkeeping, then of course we will. We did a post on the changes to TRIM because what was announced was not just a product upgrade but a complete new product. Our recent research on EDRMS use in government, including our EDRMS survey at /state-records-survey-on-electronic-document-and-records-management-system-edrms-use-in-nsw-government-report/, indicates extensive TRIM usage in the NSW public sector. Given this product will be undergoing extensive change, it is our responsibility to be aware of this change and to make our jurisdiction aware of it too so that planned and orderly transitions to new operating environments can be undertaken if necessary.

The key driver behind all our posts on Future Proof is to keep recordkeepers in the NSW public sector informed of the latest digital recordkeeping information that impacts on them and their practice, based on our knowledge of the sector. We are always happy to take comments and suggestions, so thanks for sharing your views. Best wishes, Kate

Sonya Sherman February 3rd, 2017

Objective and HPE have now partnered to offer TRIM customers enhanced options for secure collaboration and process governance.

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