Recordkeeping is not red tape, and other news for Chief Executives December 6, 2012

Chief Executives newsletter

Each year State Records issues a newsletter, Future Proof, to all Chief Executives across the NSW public sector.

This year the newsletter is focussed on communicating the idea that recordkeeping is not red tape, it is actually a business enabler.

The newsletter says that digital information is a business asset that needs to be built to last, and it tries to show how records and information management can be a key enabler of this. The newsletter also introduces all the great work being done to build State Records’ Digital Archive.

All previous editions of Future Proof are available on the Information for NSW Public Sector Chief Executives section of the State Records website. A downloadable PDF version is also available at the bottom of this post.

The content of the newsletter is reproduced below. Have a read of what we had to say and then feel free to tell us what you think!


Future Proof: News for NSW Public Sector Chief Executives

Digital information: A strategic asset built to last

In this issue we focus on the management of digital information.

The importance of taking a strategic approach to digital information management is reinforced by the NSW ICT Strategy 2012.   

The Strategy provides a framework for organisations to reconsider and reinvent how they leverage and manage their information as an important business asset.

State Records supports the ICT Strategy and we are actively developing ways to help organisations to manage and maximise the value and long term utility of digital information.

This newsletter outlines some of the ways my organisation can help you with your strategic business information needs.

Jenni Stapleton, Acting Director

What State Records can do to help

Analysis by e-Discovery Trends has noted ‘the perfect storm of problems that companies are facing right now’ in managing digital business information.

Specific challenges that State Records can assist with include:

Data volumes

  • Public offices are creating vast amounts of data
  • The costs of retaining this data are escalating to unsustainable levels
  • State Records can help identify strategic business information that needs to be kept and advise on how to routinely dispose of time expired data before it becomes a financial liability

Social media

  • Facebook and other social media systems are being leveraged as  business applications
  • State Records can help identify what information you need from social media platforms to support your business operations

Business systems

  • Some organisations are unable to defend themselves in court because their business systems do not keep reliable records
  • State Records can provide advice to help ensure cloud or internal systems provide appropriate and trustworthy business information

Information longevity

  • Many organisations cannot maintain core business information for as long as they need to access it
  • State Records can provide advice and digital archiving solutions to ensure you will have  reliable business information now and into the future

Contact State Records

The work of State Records is sometimes dismissed as paper based and compliance oriented. It is not.

Recordkeeping is not red tape, it is a business enabler.

Recordkeeping is a mechanism for ensuring accountability and managing risk. It is also a tool for leveraging the strategic value of digital business information, now and into the future.

The work of State Records – in providing recordkeeping standards, guidance, advice, services and digital archiving solutions for the public sector – is about providing assurance and business continuity. 

Contact State Records to see how we can help your organisation improve its information management and information governance today.

Digital Archives

State Records is undertaking a three year project to design, develop and implement a digital archive solution for the retention of NSW Government digital records that are required to be retained permanently as State archives.

Two of the key messages in the 2011 Future Proof News were about digital information loss and risks to information. The inability to find, retrieve, access and use digital information can have a serious impact on effective business practice and accountability which can lead to critical implications for government.

The digital archive will enable NSW Government agencies, local government Councils, Universities and other public offices to transfer digital format State archives that are no longer required for business use to the State Records digital archive to ensure that they remain accessible and usable.


Transfers to the digital archive will be managed as migrations between systems. This will involve migrations from the systems in which digital records are stored and managed in agencies to the State Records digital archive. A migration project methodology is being developed to ensure effective and accountable management of migrations.

Tools and resources

The Digital Archives project is developing tools and resources for use as part of the migration process. This incorporates existing technical tools that are available in the digital preservation sphere such as file format identification and verification, file format conversion and metadata extraction.

Digital continuity solutions

Once developed, these tools and resources will be made available for use by public offices more broadly to assist you in managing digital continuity of records required for medium to long term retention – regardless of whether they are ‘required as State archives’.

This will help you to manage risks like technology obsolescence and loss of information integrity as your business information moves through systems change.

OpenGov NSW

State Records has just launched OpenGov NSW, a searchable online repository for information published by NSW Government agencies, including Annual Reports and open access information released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

OpenGov NSW supports the State Plan goal of increased access to government information (Goal 31, NSW 2021) and replaces the previous Publications NSW website.

OpenGov NSW eliminates the burden on your agency of having to maintain older published information on your website.

In addition to offering the public an easy way to access a range of information about NSW Government, OpenGov NSW reduces the burden on agencies by offering a place to publish and maintain their Annual Reports, other publications and GIPA releases, both current and older material. An agency specific ‘widget’ is available to agencies once they log in to OpenGov NSW, enabling you to link to your OpenGov content from your own website, eliminating the need for duplication.

FAQs and information about how to become a registered user and upload content is available on the OpenGov site.

Future Proof newsletter, November 2012 (PDF, 143KB)


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