NSW Information Commissioner and Open Data Advocate launches NEW Open Data e-learning module June 5, 2018

By Cameron Duffy
Communications and Promotion Officer (IPC)

NSW Information Commissioner and Open Data Advocate, Elizabeth Tydd, has launched a new e-learning module on Open Data in collaboration with the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI).
‘Launched in May to close out Information Awareness Month (IAM), our new Open Data e-learning module is an opportunity to increase public awareness of information and its place in all aspects of daily life and to promote information practices and policies to support sound information management across organisations,’ said Ms Tydd,  NSW Open Data Advocate and CEO of the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC).

‘Transparency of government actions – sound practices for information access and information sharing are central to building trust and achieving an effective democratic system.

‘Our challenge as custodians of government information, is to embrace the ‘digital world’ and apply its benefits to promote accountability, deliver better services, engage with the community and at the same time, ensure our systems protect information privacy and security.
‘Building trust and confidence in our ability to ethically and effectively manage information in the digital age is essential to advancing Open Government. Our new e-learning module is also designed to elevate knowledge of sound information governance,’ Ms Tydd said.

The IPC is promoting good governance through the release of a new, freely available Open Data e-learning resource.

‘DFSI are leading the state’s work in better understanding and ensuring accountability for using and sharing Open Data. This e-learning resource has been developed in line with the NSW Open Data Policy and is being delivered under our commitment to provide education and training to our stakeholder groups across NSW information access and privacy legislation,’ Ms Tydd said.

‘I am pleased to launch the new Open Data module which has been designed to provide an understanding of Open Data along with an explanation of how public sector organisations can embed good information practices to support Open Data release in NSW.

‘Open Data offers great potential value to the community and government. The benefits are diverse, ranging from improved efficiency to greater public participation in the development of government policies and community services.
‘I encourage all public sector employees to complete the Open Data e-learning course, available for free on the IPC website,’ Ms Tydd said.

More information and resources on information access and privacy rights in NSW are available at http://ipc.nsw.gov.au/

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